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Your Learning Experience

The Student Experience!

Your Enrolment…



Click the “enrol” link on the course of your choice and complete the enrolment form.


Submit all required documentation


Confirm whether you are using Fees Free, Studylink or using our payment options. If you are using our payment options, an invoice will be sent to you. Once the deposit has been paid we can progress your enrolment.

Offer of Place

Our Student Administrator will send you confirmation of your enrolment

Your Induction

Referral to Chef Instructor

You will receive an email asking you to book your induction with your chef instructor.


During your induction your chef instructor will issue your logon, help you set up your eportfolio and introduce you to learner management system, Canvas

Student Card

If you have chosen to receive a student card this will be mailed to you (New Zealand student)

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Your Learner Management System


Learner Management System (LMS)

Fun, Interactive and Engaging Learner Management System (LMS) where you will be able to access your course material to study,

Initial Essentials

This will consist of your initial Student Handbook, Study Guide, Lesson Outlines and suggested calendar.

How to Complete Required Tasks

Your course consisting of both Theory and Practicals (which will need to be completed at home or in the workplace) will take place on the LMS and after each section you will have a course checkpoint or self assessment.


Formal assessments will be graded by your Chef Instructor as well as your uploaded videos of your practical self assessments.

View Grades

You will be able to view your grades and achievements and these will remain on your e portfolio.


Your Personalised student calendar will keep you motivated along with the support and mentoring from your Chef Instructor.


Webinars, discussion boards and fun events such as Coffee and Cake which will help you with your peers.



Once you have successfully completed all the assigned studies and practicals and been deemed competent, if you are a NZQA student, you will be ready to sit your final examination. These will be held in the exam centre closest to you.


Successful certification will be sent to you after all the verification has been completed.

Certificate of Achievement…



A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded by International Culinary Studio on successful completion of the programme.