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Why is being a chef a great career choice?

By: Cheryl Cordier
Director International Culinary Studio

There really should be no unemployed or self-employed chef out there. Have you every searched for cooking classes near me or culinary schools near me?

There is currently a global shortage of chefs and weekly we see articles written by newspapers, magazines, online social media and all over the web on how restaurants, hotels and catering companies are battling to find chefs. I am always amazed at the myriad of different jobs a qualified chef can hold, from working in airline catering, on cruise ships, hospitals, aged care facilities as well as the new age jobs of being food stylists, food photographers, food bloggers, restaurant reviewers and critics along with the social media influencers. Gone are the days of just cooking in a restaurant, the world now really is your oyster. Traveling with a Culinary Qualification is definitely worth its weight in gold! There are many chef courses available but very few online chef colleges.

Have you see how many followers the largest Instagram Food hashtag has? #thefeedfeed has over 3.6 million followers …..it’s incredible when you think of how influential everything they do can have on their followers?

After attending the IACP conference in Santa Fe New Mexico, USA, a couple of years ago, I was simply amazed at the number of recipe book authors, food stylists, recipe developers, bloggers and vloggers etc we met who earn a living working from any kitchen and with their PC. Many influencers only use a mobile phone for their job and have endorsements from products that earn them lots of money. Many of them had attended a pastry chef school, a cooking school or a chef school.

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Many recipe websites and media companies that pay for recipes and the stories that accompany the recipe. I wondered just how many banana bread recipes are actually on the web. According to Google, about 68 million 800 thousand searches bring up Banana Bread recipe.. Goodness the choices and that was probably only the English recipes, I wonder how many there are in other languages.

We also learnt at the conference about the desire for new product development. One of the speakers spoke about the use of now legalised Cannabis in so many products. I saw a restaurant recently claiming the first Cannabis Pizza for offer on their restaurant menu (maybe the first legal Cannabis Pizza) but still the opportunities abound. People are keen to  try new items and experiment with products never been seen before in their home countries and with the ability to fly fresh ingredients and unique products in from anywhere in the world, creativity has never been this incredible. So whether you have a secret desire to launch a unique range of sauces or work on a private yacht cooking for celebrities, you would have all these choices and where 7.7 Billion people have to eat each day, I would say a career as a chef is a fantastic option! Search up for how you can earn an international recognised culinary qualification through International Culinary Studio today. We are considered one of the best culinary schools in the world.

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