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Student Blog- Sebastian Week 4: The first cooking attempt, back to the beginning

I worked on some teaching units a little faster and took them lightly. For this reason, of course, I have not read all the work instructions in detail and thought that this is already being done – wrongly thought.

A minestrone is not difficult to make, but in order to pass the task it is still advantageous to read the entire note, not only the upper Teil.Es is of course about making the soup, documenting and describing the work steps to be carried out, mise en place, work steps and cleaning. This must be written in detail in a plan, so Danniélla can evaluate the result and my way of working. A documentation of the work steps generally makes sense, if someone cooks a little more often, then you do not lose the overview so quickly and can better divide his time. Of course, at some point you have a routine, a short checklist makes sense.

Many post chefs have a list of the components they need and align their mise en place accordingly.

In the second section, the entire calculation must be made. This is time-consuming the first time, makes a lot of sense in the long term and every Food & Beverage Controller will thank them. For a functioning and meaningful merchandise management system, this is unavoidable and the basis for working economically in the medium and long term. The calculation is located in the merchandise management system and serves as a basis for menu analysis or profitability.

If you do not do the cooking training to work in a kitchen, you can create a weekly kitchen plan. Whether the prices are always adjusted is up to you. In contrast to hotels or gastronomic establishments, there is no price agreement for private individuals in supermarkets.

After taking the training lightly in the first few weeks, this week I had to repeat the content that I had previously only “skimmed over”. This is important in order not to lose the thread in the next few weeks. Now I am up to date and the next few weeks can come.

More information about the training can be found on the homepage of the International Culinary Studio.