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Student Blog- Sebastian Week 5: The Calculated Result

After repeating the main content for the HACCP plan, I was able to create the plan, there was more work than expected. The calculation was extensive, yet expedient.

As already mentioned, anyone who wants to work as a chef should have basics in the field.

Economic work not only keeps the business running, but it is also about maintaining one’s own workplace. More on this topic can be found here.

Get to the pot

After the whole theory, I’m looking forward to the cooking pot and a minestrone is the perfect dish to apply the newly acquired knowledge from the previous lessons. Hygiene, safety, mise en place and, of course, organization in the workplace. Traditionally, the seasons not only determine the temperature, but also the weather. In winter, it is a warm, strong soup with cabbage. In summer, it is served cool, with tomatoes and fennel playing a large part in the dish. Of course, always drizzled with good olive oil, fresh bread is served. This time it was a cool variant – the temperatures are rising.

I’m doing the training for almost five weeks now and the input is extensive. Compared to the “classic” training in a kitchen, of course, the practice is missing, a mandatory internship is part of the training. Here the learning content is deepened, otherwise you can cook and work properly at home. Errors are part of it and if there are not too many “drastic” errors, the program can be handled well

More information about the training can be found on the homepage of the International Culinary Studio.