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Study Culinary Online?

YES, it’s possible!!

Gain Real World Culinary Skills with Guidance from Our Mentor Chefs


International Culinary Studio offers students the opportunity to learn advanced cooking and baking skills through a structured online experience.  Blended learning combines in-person teaching and online education, and is a world class combination of the latest technology and innovation, together with mentorship by our industry experienced professional chefs.  We offer a well-balanced education programme of culinary skills, methodology and industry externship to help your culinary dream come true.

Study interactive courses, engage with our professional chef instructors, engage with your fellow students in online discussions and on social media, and fine tune your techniques and knowledge to gain an accredited qualification – all in the comfort of your own kitchen or current place of work.  The combination of live sessions, recorded sessions, online forums and 1:1 time with a chef instructor will enable you to learn and grow in the way that suits you to meet your learning style and needs.

International Culinary Studio strives to produce competent, confident professionals ready to step into the exciting world of culinary, or to give individuals already in the industry the opportunity to get a formal qualification to enhance their employment opportunities.​


Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of our Domestic Students

International Culinary Studio is a online blended learning educator and we value the students who study with us. We are committed to supporting the well-being of all our students and we have a range of policies, processes and support services aimed at ensuring that our students get the best experience whilst studying with us.

International Culinary Studio is committed to both the Domestic code as well as that which covers the pastoral care of international students. More information about the international code can be found here.


Exactly what is the Domestic Code?

The code is to set out the minimum standards of care and support that are expected of all tertiary education providers.
The interim domestic code requires that:
• students experience a physically safe and mutually supportive learning environment that responds to the needs of all students
• students have adequate access to advice, information and services which help them to meet their basic needs
• students are assisted by providers to manage their physical and mental health, and to access support when needed
• students are assisted by providers to transition to tertiary study, progress and achieve in their studies, and to develop knowledge, skills and experience to prepare them for further work or study
• students experience an inclusive learning environment where they are accepted and valued, respected, free from racism and discrimination, and connected with social and cultural networks
• the mana of students is upheld in their learning environment and their voices are heard and integrated in decisions around the planning and provision of student support services

There are a range of requirements set out in the domestic code. For further information on the interim Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of Domestic Students 2019 in English or Te Reo Māori.


NZQA Accredited Qualifications


New Zealand Certificate in Cookery Level 4

The aim of this programme is to develop the skills and knowledge in basic principles of kitchen work, health and safety, and communication. It will enable candidates to develop the practical skills, knowledge and attitude required to work and progress within the culinary industry.


Diploma in Cookery level 4

New Zealand Diploma in Cookery Level 5

The aim of this programme is to develop the learner's abilities in researching, planning, developing, implementing, and analysing of food products, recipes, and menus which ensure advanced practice in food preparation, cooking and presentation.


Short Courses

Our range of Industry short courses are designed to give students valuable course specific skills employers are looking for in their kitchen staff. On completion of our short courses, students are issued a Digital Badge making it easy for them to share their skills with future employers. Our hobbyist courses are ideal for those looking for culinary personal development.

Important Student Resources

Please make sure you have a read and familiarise yourself with these important documents before you get started on your course.
Withdrawals, Refunds and Appeals

Before you make a decision to withdraw from a programme of study, please make yourself familiar with the process outlined here.

If you decide to withdraw from our programme, please fill out this withdrawal form.

Extension Policy

Here is the criteria and process involved when applying for a course extension.

Please fill out this Extension form..

Cancellations and Refunds

How do I cancel my course or apply for a refund? Click here

Student Fee Protection Policy
How we protect your fees and course related costs? Click here
Dispute Resolution Scheme

What to do if you have a complaint? Click here

Industry Placement

How do I find a commercial kitchen to work in? Click here

Kitchen Requirements

What you will need for your practical cooking assignments? Click here.

Technical Requirements

What IT related equipment you may need? Click here.

Student Handbook

New Zealand Certificate in Cookery Courses, all you will need to know. Click here.

Let’s hear it from our students

Creations From Our Proud Student Chefs

Polaroids (4)
Polaroids (4)


Town Tonic

The course is very convenient for my employee, especially as he was already quite experienced. After doing the qualification, he is now able to manage the kitchen and staff more efficiently which is fantastic for my restaurant.

Jul 19, 2021

Rajendra Singh

When looking at RPL of New Zealand Certificate in Cookery I chose International Culinary Studio as they had a good reputation in the market. I have found this to be true and have had a really great experience with them. The Chef Assessor working through my RPL evidence was awesome, she was so helpful along the way. They made it easy for me to get through the process while still working and kept me up to date with where we were in the process. I have recommended International Culinary Studio to my colleagues as I know this qualification will help me achieve my goals in the future. Thanks again, an awesome team!

Jul 27, 2021

Shing Tien Gan

I chose to do the New Zealand Certificate in cookery Level 4 through RPL with International Culinary Studio as I have good English and wasn’t required to do an English test. I found the process to be very efficient and it was simple enough to get all my evidence together and submitted while still working. My Chef Assessor was very helpful and gave me all the information I needed to get the process completed as soon as possible. My new qualification will make it much easier when I am job hunting. I am keen to now study the New Zealand Diploma in Professional Cookery Level 5 as it will be helpful taking the next step with my business in the future. I would recommend the International Culinary Studio for anyone looking to RPL.

Jul 27, 2021

Chanaka Kumaranathunga

I have recently completed the RPL process for the New Zealand Certificate in Cookery Level 4. I found the process clear and easy to follow. Although it was a little hard fitting the process around my family and work, I could do this at any time and found my Chef Assessor helpful. I would recommend International Culinary Studio, as having this qualification will be very useful for me .

Jul 27, 2021

Alessio Micalone

I had a Diploma in Commercial Cookery and 15 years culinary experience and wanted a New Zealand recognised qualification. The RPL process with International Culinary Studio was fantastic. The Learner management system gave me a great refresher for my exam and the process was clear, easy and the staff were helpful. It was great to get the New Zealand Certificate in Cookery, I felt it was a great achievement in a short time!

Jul 27, 2021

Melvin Villacruz

Working fulltime as head chef for a Pizza restaurant I was keen to study the New Zealand Certificate in Cookery level 4. I liked that International Culinary Studio was a blended learning course as it gave me the chance to study while I was still working. This was such a good decision, I found my experience awesome! Chef Helen was always there to answer my questions. The learner management system was fun to use and the practical assignments challenging but were assessed fairly.
It could sometimes be difficult fitting my study around my work, but I would do this at any time of the day or night. The course has broadened my culinary knowledge giving me the skills I will need going forward should I decide to build my own place or want to progress further.

Jul 27, 2021

Sheldon Engineer

I would recommend International Culinary Studio for the RPL of New Zealand Certificate in Cookery Level 4. I thought the Chef Assessor great and the process easy to follow.

Jul 27, 2021

Grant Kitchen- National President (New Zealand Chefs Association)

I have no hesitation in recommending the online International Culinary Studio course to my employees. The course has two features that are key to the industry: accessibility and flexibility. It would be great to see more students having the opportunity to take advantage of these courses.

Jul 27, 2021

Suzanne Johnson- Director (She Universe)

We have had several chefs enrol with International Culinary Studio to complete their chef training. We have found them to be experts in their field – the learning materials and approach is exceptional. The main benefit for hospitality employees training is being able to continue working whilst they study. They are also motivated, inspired and sharing their knowledge with other team members whilst training and beyond. These qualities provide and ongoing benefit to the team and business.

Jul 27, 2021

David Rich- Food and Beverage Manager (Isaac Royal Theatre)

Having been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years, I would like to acknowledge the model of online teaching is of value to the industry. Students are motivated when they get to the workplace and can learn without having to leave the workplace for extended periods of time.

Jul 27, 2021

Marilou Falk

Studying online via International Culinary Studio, (City & Guilds) is very accommodating because I do not need to travel far to go to school. I can study at home or wherever I am on that time.
It is part of Filipino culture to share yummy food together. Some of the Filipino women are very good cooks and we love to talk about food and cooking. Studying with International Culinary Studio has boosted my enthusiasm when sharing recipes and I would love to continue doing good things in a different way by working in an aged care/nursing home facility and prepare, cook comfort/nutritious food for the senior people in our community

Jul 21, 2020

Peter Holdsworth Head Chef Restaurant in Westport – West Coast

I have found the student to be incredibly motivated, courteous and mature. She has brought a range of new skills and recipes and she has gained a real understanding of the industry. The industry placement is longer than other institutions and I think the extended industry placement is an asset to the course and to prospective employers alike.

Jul 19, 2021

Bianca Yuill- Chef and Owner (Peg and Pickle Kitchen)

I currently own a Food Truck called Peg and Pickle and have just completed one of the International Culinary Studio courses. For em starting my own business, I have found the course to be very beneficial especially the food costing, skills and techniques. I would be motivated to employ a student as I know they will have the necessary background knowledge and great culinary skills.

Jul 19, 2021

Jillian Reader – Residential Chef (Oranga Tamariki – Ministry for Children)

I have found my employee to be incredibly motivated by this course. I would recommend to my employees to study with International Culinary Studio as a way of increasing their skills. It is fantastic for those who have lots of motivation and this will give them a qualification globally recognised.

Jul 19, 2021

Apvinder Singh

Having been a Chef in Fiji for 9 years before moving to New Zealand and becoming a head chef here, I would recommend the International Culinary Studio for RPL of the New Zealand Certificate in Cookery Level 4. I have found this a simple process and the learner management system was easy to use. The staff and Chef Instructor were always helpful, and the process worked well around my busy working life.

Mar 11, 2021

Kristy Neame

I had never been much of a cook or been interested in culinary until I had children. Now with two young children I enjoy trying out different methods and foods aiming to give them a nutritious diet that even a picky eater will enjoy. My long term goal is to develop my interest in nutrition and perhaps become a dietician. I had been looking to study at university when Covid struck so was keen to find a culinary course that would be of value towards my future goals.  With International Culinary Studio I was able to study the New Zealand Certificate in Cookery Level 4 from home giving me the flexibility to work around my children and not worry about travel as I live rurally.

I have enjoyed learning a variety of techniques and skills, when and what flavourings to add and my much improved knife skills!

The feedback from my Chef Instructor was very useful and my confidence in the kitchen has greatly increased.

Mar 11, 2021

Laura Due

I would recommend International Culinary Studio as I have found it easy to fit studying into my schedule and it’s been all round, a very positive experience.

Chef Helen made the learning environment calm and relaxing and the flexibility of my placement and assignments made kit easy for me to work full time and study.

I like that I will have a solid certificate and study has helped me realise I want to pursue this as a career.

Mar 11, 2021

Liz Maynard

Had 25+ years experience in the industry in NZ and overseas in kitchen and hospo and now owner of World Cuisine, but no formal culinary qualification. It is a simple and straightforward system, the hardest part was getting my documentation together from my years of work all over references etc. Revision was important as there were things I knew but hadn’t thought about in years – a good refresher. It is worth the effort to do, increased pay, piece of paper is valuable, also verifies to yourself that you do have the skills

Time management is the key, busy working and with a family took some organising but as long as I put time aside to get it done.

How was your experience with your chef Instructor?
Helen was really helpful with exam prep, she was approachable and easy to talk to, with no judgment, there were no stupid questions. Helpful prep for exams, skype calls etc just ask if you need to know anything.

Mar 9, 2021

Marjorie Hosena

Handling a fulltime job and studies at the same time requires a good level of planning and prioritization. It means that you can put food on the table while at the same time gaining the skills to build a wonderful new future. Anyone can cook but to be a good cook, a passionate cook, and a confident cook it takes particular care and attention.

International Culinary Studio help me to pursue my dreams because I can study while I am working, and I don’t need to go to school and I have flexible time, so I balance my study and work. Taking online classes is more convenient, affordable, and effective. While I am studying, I’ve learnt a lot of things that can change on a daily basis, but my chef mentor keeps me motivated to do the best that I can. Online courses are designed to be equally as rigorous and demanding as traditional courses, you need to stay motivated even on the bad days and keep reminding yourself of why you are doing it.

Jul 21, 2020

Monica Cheesman

When I was little, I remember seeing my mum making a pound cake; that was pretty much what she knew how to make and when I grew up, I became the one who would make that cake. Having received the opportunity to study I cannot really pinpoint just one moment that was a highlight because there were too many to choose from. So much of it was new for me: experimenting with new desserts, breads, and sauces, making soufflé, and making an opera cake! 3 years ago, these were only daydreams, but now I have lived it. This course made it a possibility.
As I am a mother of 3, having the privilege to stay at home and still being able to study – I was very happy about that. Not having to organize childcare for the kids and be able to look after them at home while fulfilling my dream was very nice.
My biggest challenge was the final exam, especially the second practical day of exams; it was a big challenge for me, I have never done something so stressful. Or that I was prouder of. I am so pleased International Culinary Studio enabled me to achieve a diploma qualification, largely through learning in my own home.

Jul 21, 2020

Let’s Hear From Our Students

Interview with Monica Cheesman

Interview with Monica Cheesman

Interview with Monica Cheesman You have recently passed the City & Guilds Diploma in Patisserie, what would you say were your highlights? When I was little I remember seeing my mum making a pound cake; that was pretty much what she knew how to make and when I grew...

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ICS Helps me to achieve my dream

ICS Helps me to achieve my dream

Studying with ICS helps me to reach my dream Planning is important Handling a fulltime job and studies at the same time requires a good level of planning and prioritization. It means that you can put food on the table while at the same time gaining the skills to build...

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What you can do with our world class online Learner Management System

  • Receive unlimited access to an exclusive culinary library, as well as 100’s of recipes & videos.
  • Submit images of your culinary creations and like other’s creations
  • Record videos of yourself preparing your dishes and upload them for assessment
  • Live video conferences with our head chefs
  • You can work through your material to fit around your schedule and be flexible with your study times
  • Grow your professional e-portfolio and apply for the job you want.