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SQ3R – Helping you to understand and remember what you have read

SQ3R is a research approach that has been tried and tested. It will assist you to comprehend what you are reading and learning and assist you to define the data you need to write for an assignment.

Survey! Question! Read! Recall! Review!


This concerns speed-reading, scanning, and text skimming. You will try to obtain the overall gist of the content in question at this original point.


It’s essential to have a question or set of issues that will guide you before you start reading – why am I reading this? You want to know and retain certain information when you have a purpose for reading. Having questions changes reading from a passive quest to an active one. Examples of possible issues include:? What do I understand about this topic already?
? How does the assignment issue relate to this section?
? How can I relate my own experiences in what I read?


Now that you have prepared for the main activity of reading. It requires careful consideration of what the author is attempting to express and includes being both critical and active.


After reading, it’s important to remember or recite what you just read, without looking at your notes or text.
? Decide which ones are the primary points.
? Use your own words to write them down, helping to clarify what they mean.

It might help if you tell another student or family member what you’ve learned, or pretending you’ve got to teach the subject. Think about how you would need to explain it to someone who understands nothing about it.


The final stage is to review the content in your notes that you have recalled. Have you understood the argument’s primary principles? Have you identified all the key points? Are there some gaps? Do not take for granted that you have properly recalled everything you need ? re-examine the text to ensure that it is clear.