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  • International Culinary Studio Cakes in store cabinet

    Cafe Baker

    $249.00 USD
  • cafe chef 4

    Cafe Chef

    $249.00 USD
  • catering-management

    Catering Management

    $249.00 USD
  • Learn to bake variety chocolate pralines at the International Culinary Studio

    The Art of Chocolate Confectionery

    $249.00 USD
  • special-diet

    Special Diets

    $249.00 USD
  • International Culinary Studio factsheet image

    Kitchen Hand

    $249.00 USD
  • foodsafety

    Food Safety in Catering

    $199.00 USD
  • Knife Skills

    $199.00 USD
  • FOH

    Front of House

    $129.00 USD
  • Cake Baking

    $99.00 USD
  • barista


    $69.00 USD

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