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100% Guaranteed Industry Placement. Advanced supported learning with a FREE Google Home Mini device. Join a global community of students and Alumni Chefs. 1 on 1 Mentoring and feedback with our Executive Chef Assessors. Earn while you learn – No need to travel to classes – Work as fast as you want. Professional e-Portfolio – Apply for the job you want. Unlimited access to an exclusive culinary library as well as 100’s of recipes & videos. Never miss a class – Unlimited access to course material from multiple devices 24/7. Graduate with real skills that will help you succeed in today’s competitive workplace.

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Our World can offer you a lifestyle most people only dream of. But now you have the opportunity to make our World, YOUR reality! Qualified Culinary Professionals are in high demand all over the world – all the time – there is no season for people who love food and need to eat. A Culinary Career gives you the tools to make your biggest dreams a reality – today. Travel the world and experience different cultures and cuisine while getting paid to do so. Work in the world’s most opulent, exotic and magical locations. Just imagine you could be creating culinary magic at a 6 Star Beachfront Hotel, a bustling café in Europe, in the world’s top eateries in New York, or even in the heart of Africa at the Serengeti. How about sailing on a private yacht in Mediterranean while catering for a handful of celebrity guests? Or cruising the world on a 5000 passenger cruise ship while visiting different islands and cities every few days. The choices are limitless and they are all yours to make. Chefs are passionate, driven people, they work hard and play hard. They live and breathe everything about food, about creativity and most of all love having fun in whatever they do. Our programme provides you with the tools and the stepping stones you need to open the door to your dreams. Dream big – there are no limits on what you can achieve. Welcome to the World of Culinary. “Make sure your signature is on every plate!” Chef Andy

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Chef Amy

What our students have to say…

So far this course has been good! The registration process was easy. The learning material is very useful. What I like about the assessments is that there is feedback from the Instructor in which my errors and areas for improvement are pointed out to me. Everything has been quite good.

Yvan Darang

I chose the International Culinary Studio because it has an amazing course that I felt passionately about doing and it offered the best study plan with how it works in with my schedule of work. So far I’ve found the course very interesting and enjoyable, it’s been a great learning curve and I am getting a whole lot out of it! The best part about the course so far has been how interactive it’s been and how the assignment recipes can be altered to fit different serving sizes!! The most difficult thing has probably been getting my head around the workflow part of the practical assignments and making them detailed enough. Also having an amazing Instructor Chef (Zelda) who has been massively helpful in all areas and is always able to answer any questions that I have.

Kelsey Wellington

Our learning hub had Chef Andy in to teach the Year 5-6 students.  It was great, Andy taught them about the importance of cleanliness and tidiness in the kitchen and a few other great skills.  It was great to have a talented chef in with the students.  They did learn a lot”  – Blair, Team Leader Year 5-6, Marshland School


I have used International Culinary Studio to improve the skills of myself and my staff.  I have always found their courses of great value and very user friendly.  Having the advantage of completing the courses in your own time is a huge advantage over traditional learning methods.  The support that is given through both the tutors and their website is excellent!  I will definitely use their courses in future to up skill my staff!” – Mark McCracken @ComberCuisine

Mark McCracken