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Ask Chef Andy

Who is Chef Andy?
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Why Should I Qualify as a Chef?
Having a formal qualification vs just working as a Chef in a kitchen gives one a sharper edge with in depth theoretical knowledge and professional technical skills. An individual who has not been able to formalize their education is going to be left lacking in confidence and with gaps in their knowledge that will count against them in the future. The best way to future proof any job is with formal qualifications from an accredited education provider.
What is the Worst Part of being a Chef?
Watching a dish being devoured or demolished within only a few minutes. All of the hard work and perparation done in creating, designing and artistically plating up takes so much time. One does have moments of having something to hate on the job, but there are too may good things that over power any dislikes. This you will see for yourself!
What is the Best Part of being a Chef?
The satisfaction of exceeding a customers expectations and having them come back for more. These days Chefs are admired and respected in the industry. If you have the patience, a positive attitude and good sense of humour, you will be able to go far!
Why would you recommend to study to be a Chef, as opposed to just working in the industry?
This will give one a sharper edge over others! Having the theoretical component, which a Culinary Institution offers in their repertoire of historical and modern gastronomy, is far more beneficial compared to an individual whom has not had the opportunity to study, and only possibly gain the day to day needs of the industry they?re working in.
What are the Rewards of the Job?
Networking within a circle of Chefs around the world! Sharing and imparting ideas and knowing that tomorrow will come with ever more changing trends attached with the expectations to be met, and that my signature will once again be on all my dishes that I create!