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Junior Chef Culinary Skills Programme

$39.00 USD

The  junior chef culinary programme will teach a range of skills for the kitchen, you will learn:

  • How to work safely and hygienically in the kitchen
  • How to dress correctly for the kitchen
  • Safe knife use.
  • Flavour profile wheel: Judge the flavour and taste of your dish and get feedback from your peers and teachers
  • How to prepare and cook from a recipe
  • How to work with a clean workspace during cooking and clean up afterwards
  • Learn how to plan a cooking production schedule or workflow (what to cook first and last)
  • How to write a shopping list for your recipe
  • How to cost a recipe
  • How to adapt a recipe for different special diets (e.g. Vegetarian)

The cooking skills and recipes you will learn:

– Food hygiene

– Kitchen safety

– Knife skills

– Basic food preparation skills:

– Pasta making

– Meat preparation

– Vegetable preparation

– Bread making

– Cake and biscuits

– Desserts

– Basic chocolate making