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Junior Chef Culinary Cooking Programme

$39.00 USD

This is an exciting introduction to the magical world of Culinary with an exciting and interactive short course aimed at ages 8- 16.

👩‍🍳 Junior Chef Cooking students will learn how to make their own fresh pasta, bake biscuits and ice them professionally from scratch. As well as prepare, cook and plate a main meal and dessert – all on their own! (With a little supervision from an adult)

Give your budding Chef the culinary confidence to learn new skills and experience the wonderful world of cooking and baking.

  • No need for Fancy Equipment or Expensive Ingredients
  • Learn about Health, Safety & Hygiene in the Kitchen
  • Upload your creations to receive feedback from your Chef Instructor


  • How to work Safely and Hygienically in the Kitchen
  • How to Dress Correctly for the Kitchen
  • Flavour profile wheel – Judge the flavour and taste of your dish and get feedback from your family and friends at home
  • How to prepare – How to start cooking from a recipe
  • How to work with a clean workspace during cooking and clean up afterwards
  • Learn how to Plan a Production Work Flow (what to cook first and last)
  • How to Write a Shopping List for Your Recipe
  • How to Work out How Much your Recipe Costs