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Cafe Chef

$249.00 USD

Always dreamed of working in the thriving Café culture scene? Our Cafe Chef course teaches you valuable skills Café owners are looking for in their kitchen staff, and gives you the confidence to become part of any café team.

  • Apply for a Café position
  • Upskill in your current position
  • Showcase your skills with our e-portfolio and digital badge
  • Impress friends and family with your culinary know-how


This programme is ideal for those who want to learn professional techniques and skills in specialized culinary areas, who either don’t require an accredited qualification or already have an accredited qualification.

What you’ll learn

  • Eggs Benedict
  • Classic Ceasar Dressing and Classic Ceasar Salad
  • Coleslaw with lemon pepper mayonnaise
  • Bread Rolls
  • Fruit scones
  • Apple & Pecan Muffins
  • Calzone
  • Quiche Lorraine
  • The skills learned here can be used to make a wide variety of café products