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Cafe Baker

$249.00 USD

This course is designed for those who are either just starting out or looking to find work in a café/ bakery and want to improve their bakery skills.

It is also ideal for home cooks who want to learn bakery basics.

Course features

  • Join a global community of student chefs also studying online
  • Will be mentored by a highly qualified Chef Instructor
  • Won’t need to take time off work to attend classes
  • Can work through your material to fit around your schedule and be flexible with your study times
  • Will have unlimited access to an Exclusive Culinary Library as well as 100’s of recipes & videos
  • Will graduate with real skills that will help you succeed in today’s competitive workplace
  • Have access to our Alumni Network of Chefs working all over the world
  • Have a completed e-portfolio (online CV) and digital badging – be ready to apply for the job you deserve!

Our online platform is exciting, interactive and user friendly – Quality education online from any kitchen. Our team is on hand and ready to get you started in achieving your Culinary dreams!