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Privacy Policy


Unless otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy, capitalized terms shall have the meaning ascribed to them in International Culinary Studio’s Online End-User License Agreement.

On accepting of the terms and conditions as laid out in the Online End-User License Agreement, the user automatically agrees to the terms of this policy, including any amendments, which shall endure until such time as the user ceases to use the service.

The purpose of this policy is to enable the users to gain an informed view of their rights pertaining to the collection, use and safeguarding of any information supplied to International Culinary Studio by the user in utilisation of the service.

Collected Information

For the purposes of this clause “personal information” includes, but is not limited to, the user’s name, age, mobile number, residential address, nationality, qualifications, employment history and personal views, opinions or preferences.

International Culinary Studio only collects personal information, provided voluntarily by the user and with the user’s permission and knowledge.

A user may be requested to provide personal information in the following instances:

  • When applying, registering and enrolling for online studies with International Culinary Studio.
  • When requesting/receiving information electronically.
  • When allowing electronic payments to be made.

Personal information, provided when the user makes electronic payments, is transferred to a secure, online payment service, hosted outside of the website and such information is not retained by International Culinary Studio.

International Culinary Studio may, via the website, also collect the user’s non-personal information such as domain and IP addresses which may be stored on the user’s computer as a cookie-file and in a statistics file on the web server.  International Culinary Studio shall use such information, without the consent of the user, in order to, among other things, measure the number of visitors to the website and for marketing purposes.

Use and Safeguarding of Collected Information

International Culinary Studio shall take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information of the user collected by International Culinary Studio through the website and shall not disclose personal information of the user to any third party, unless as specifically provided for in terms of this policy.


Any personal information collected by International Culinary Studio shall be stored in databases, access to which shall be strictly controlled and only employees of International Culinary Studio, who require the information to perform a specific job, shall have access to such information.

International Culinary Studio may disclose personal information of the user to any third party in the following circumstances:

  • When required to do so by any applicable laws or valid legal processes.
  • When the user consents to such disclosure.

In utilisation of the website and the service, unless otherwise specified in writing and as provided for in this policy, the user consents to:

  • International Culinary Studio using personal information about the user to communicate with him/her, as the need arises.
  • Use of the user’s information for non-personal statistical purposes.

Users are able to access personal information and other study related information through the Student Portal on the website.


If a user has been registered and enrolled with International Culinary Studio and a course, programme or module has begun International Culinary Studio may send regular e-mail updates to the user to encourage the learning process.  The user cannot unsubscribe to such e-mail updates, which contain important information in regards to the user’s studies.

International Culinary Studio may send the user marketing communications, via e-mail, from time to time.  The user can unsubscribe to such communications following the stipulated instructions on the website.


International Culinary Studio reserves the absolute right to update or modify this policy, or any part thereof, at any time and without notice to the user or acquiring the user’s prior written consent and the user will be bound by the amended terms and conditions of this policy within 14 days of such amendments being made.

Governing Law

This policy is governed according to the laws of New Zealand with specific reference to the Electronic Communications Act 2002