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Practical Submission Information

We have put together the below resources to help you to submit great practicals every time. Click on the images below to review or download the information.


Download the document on the link HERE

Workflow Example

Download an example HERE

Food Costing Sheet

Download an example HERE

How To Use The Food Costing Sheet

Download an example HERE

Practical Photo Submission

Practical Assessment – Photo Evidence

Photo Evidence must include:
Mise en place, photo of all food items weighted in food safe containers
Cooked food item
Finished, garnished food item
If a cake, bread or loaf a cross section (a slice cut from the baked item) photo
Storage photos

Practical Video Submission

When videoing your practical submission to meet the learning outcomes and rubric criteria in your video submission, you are required to include the following:

The video needs to cover each step of your workflow?

  • Preparation of your dish –
    e.g. chopping vegetable (WPW), shifting dry ingredients, preparing meat, sweating vegetable, mixing a cake mix in a bowl or mixer.
  • The cooking process –
    – e.g. braising lamb shanks, frying vegetables or meat, deep frying potatoes, baking a cake in the oven.
    – When baking a food item e.g cake, bread, pastry, show preheating the oven, state the temperature of oven. You do not need to film the time baking BUT you need to show placing the baked item into the oven, removing from the oven and checking the degree of doneness.
  • Finishing techniques used for garnishing the dish –
    – e.g garnishing a carrot cake, piping icing on gingerbread men, garnishing a dish of braised lamb shank.

Reading and understanding the rubric

Before you start your practical assessment, you need to read the rubric (marking criteria)

  • Understand how to prepare, cook and finish –
    – Correct methods need to be shown in practical video, correct temperature used when frying, oven pre heated and correct temperature used to bake, stocks and soups brought to the boiled and reduced to a simmer, vegetables blanched in hot water at a rolling boil then refreshed in ice cold water, etc.
    – Please ensure that these main points are shown in your video
  • Select suitable equipment and tools –
    – Knives, boards, utensils, refrigerators, display cabinets, serving platters, oven
    – These need to be clean and fit for use, the stove top need to be clean and free from spills, etc.
  • Select suitable food items –
    – Show your mise en place at the beginning of your practical video, photo of mise en place supplied in photo evidence and food items and weights listed on your workflow.
    – Your mise en place need to be measured into food safe containers; these can be a plastic take away container ramakin, plate or bowl.
  • Select ingredients that are of the correct quality and quantity for recipe –
    – Vegetables need to be bright in colour, free from blemishes.
    – Red meat should be bright red in colour.
    – Quantity – your mise en place need to be shown weighed up at the start of your practical video in food safe containers NOT a whole bag of sugar or flour.
  • Prepare, cook and finish food items using appropriate methods.-
    – Appropriate methods should be written on your work flow steps.
    – Main steps from workflow need to be shown in practical submission.
    – Knowledge gained from theory need to be shown in cookery skills.
  • Store stock not for immediate use –
    – Photo evidence of food items stored after the finishing and garnishing process.
    – An image or show safe food storage at the end of your practical submission.
    – Safe storage of food items not immediately used after finishing and garnishing is shown on workflow.
  • Comply with personal hygiene and safety standards –
    – ICS expects a high standard of personal presentation at all times in video submissions. Please view dress for the kitchen.
    – Full chef uniform including your skull cap and apron, clean and ironed is required.
    – You will only be given one warning regarding incorrect uniform in your video submission, other video submissions will be marked incomplete after first warning is given.
    – You need to work in a clean and safe manner; please refer to your module 2 theory
    – ICS expects a high standard of personal hygiene. Please refer to module 1 theory.
    – You will be marked incomplete ,if you are wearing nail polish, wearing jewellery other than a wedding ring, have uncovered or untied up long hair. Please refer to module 1 theory for personal hygiene information.