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About International Culinary Studio

Don’t delay start today!

Did you ever dream of becoming a qualified chef?

Well now you can and you can fit it into your busy schedule too!

I am too busy to study how do I fit it in?

Most chefs work 50 ? 70 hours per week, but the motivation to complete the course is a huge in itself. It helps if you organize your days and make time to ensure you don?t miss the deadlines. Chefs always have to work to deadlines so this just has to become another deadline that you can?t miss.

Do you want to improve what you already know?

Well now you can and get a qualification too!

Are you experienced as a chef already, why do this course?

You can start learning foundation techniques and no longer take the short cut but the correct principle and be able to improve your skills. Often chefs who get qualified later after years of working cannot believe how much they did not actually know and love learning the classic rules of their trade.

What is the main benefit of doing this course?

The one-on-one tuition with your chef instructor gives you the confidence and keeps you motivated to complete your course.

What keeps you motivated?

Lifelong learning, the latest up to date knowledge and the networking with students around the world.

International Culinary Studio’s Purpose:

Providing Excellent Technology Driven Culinary Education.

International Culinary Studio’s Values:

Excellence,?Integrity,?Innovation,?Passion &?Creativity

Study Culinary Courses Online With The International Culinary Studio

The International Culinary Studio is committed to providing excellent technology driven online culinary courses. We are excited to offer you the chance to study culinary arts online at home on your PC and become a certified chef with international qualifications, all while you work.

All of our online culinary courses contain modules which are menu based. This means you are taught a menu using the principles and theory you will study already integrated. The best part is that you can eat everything from the menu that you prepare and nothing is wasted. It also ensures you get to practice cooking and preparing meals over and over again with new recipes and using techniques which will improve over time.

All our recipes can be modified for the amount of people you cook for so if you have family over for diner simply modify the required ingredients. That sounds like an awesome way to study online culinary courses.

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Whilst studying with the online theory component with us you will feel like part of a college without having to get out of your Pajamas?. We do have strict dress code rules for our kitchen practicals though and full kitchen uniform will need to be worn when practicals are being completed.

Our 360? learning system means you will feel like part of the college as though you were attending the college on daily basis. Each new student is allocated to an instructor who will be responsible for ensuring you enjoy the full benefits of online study.

Our courses include videos, full course instruction, chats with your instructor, chats with your fellow students, discussion forums, live streaming from our kitchens, webinars and group projects. We have combined the best practice from around the world and made it better.

We have an extensive range of instructors who are all industry experts in their field and able to answer even the most advanced food questions.

Once you enroll with International Culinary Studio, you will receive your starter pack, which includes a Textbook, which can be used as additional reference. We do recommend though that your start your own library whether it is books or eBooks, these will assist you when having to design menus and increase your knowledge considerably. Our chef instructors are all avid recipe book readers and chose these over novels every time.

We recommend becoming a member of your local Chefs Association and getting involved in the events that take place. This form of networking especially when you are studying from home enables you to get to meet chefs in the industry and keep up to date with the latest news, trends and industry best practice.

We also recommend that you try to eat in as many different types of restaurants during your course, so you get to become an expert in your field. You can ?steal with your eyes and taste buds? whilst all the time improving your own repertoire.

Our online ?e-portfolio? means, your CV (curriculum vitae) will always be ready to be forwarded for potential jobs.