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It’s a wrap! We are on the final stretch of 2021 and what a year it has been. We are proud to say it has been a busy year, filled with many team achievements. Wishing you all a happy and safe Christmas and New Year! Rest assured, we will be recharged and ready to go in 2022!

Merry Christmas From Us to You!

May the holiday spirit be with you and your family, today and throughout the new year!

From all of us here at the International Culinary Studio we wish you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas with Chef Helen!




  • Do you have a big Christmas dinner or lunch? Yes, it’s all welcome, friends, family, anyone that has nowhere to go or has no family in New Zealand!
  • What is your favourite Christmas meal to eat? All the desserts – we have always had a very classical Christmas lunch menu (Lamb, ham, etc)
  • Are you a traditional roast meal or BBQ for Christmas kind of person? I wish it could be a BBQ but sadly we must have a traditional Christmas meal (due to my mum).
  • What meat MUST you have at Christmas? Ham, lamb, beef, salmon
  • Not everyone has a sweet tooth but what is your go to dessert? LOL we do… desserts!  New York baked cheesecake (for my husband), Lemon meringue pie (for my brother in law), chocolate mousse (for my sister), Pavlova (for my daughter, even if she is not in New Zealand), brandy snaps (for my nephew), ice cream (my nephew always makes profiteroles) and heaps of berries – we live in the best berry region. The last few years our South African friends have been bring some traditional desserts.  I start making desserts 2 days before Christmas, all are made from scratch, nothing is bought, not even pastry.
  • Sometimes the hero dish isn’t always the main attraction what is your favourite side dish? – The hero dish is always the dessert table, but lately the hot smoked salmon has been amazing.
  • Is your Christmas table festively decorated? Do you have a theme / colours / particular table decorations you like to use? – We set up the marquees the day before and bring in the extra-long tables and extra chairs (from the church) the day before.  We set long table style, no table decorations.  The buffet table is the focal point on the deck.  We usually serve around 40 to 50 people for lunch.  We don’t have a Christmas tree – I hate the time it takes putting it up and taking it down.  Each family does their own presents for the kids and adults have their name “pulled out of a hat” one present per person with a maximum value.  Christmas is not about presents for us but mainly about food, friends, and family.

Christmas Holiday Hours!

Like the rest of New Zealand and the world, we are looking forward to a good holiday and some relaxing time with our families!

Please be aware that our offices will be closed from the 23rd December until Monday 10th of January 2022.

Our Academic Head Chef Ben will be available to our current students for urgent assistance via our learner management system.


Chef Andy’s Christmas Wreath!


Chef Andy has been busy in the kitchen!

Try this tasty idea at any Christmas festivities you have planned over the next few weeks, I’m sure it will be a winner!

Come on over and check it out!


Get Started in 2022!


If you are doing some forward planning over the holidays and are keen to have a culinary qualification in 2022, here are some important dates to work with.

We have intakes beginning on the following dates for the New Zealand Certificate in Cookery Level 4.

25th January 2022  – Closes 17th December

22nd February 2022 – Intake starts 22nd February,  ends 8th November 2022

29th March 2022– Intake starts 29th March, ends 13th December 2022


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