Junior Chef Culinary Programme

Welcome to International Culinary Studio! Thank you for your interest in our popular Junior Chef Culinary programme.

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This is an exciting introduction to the magical world of Culinary with an exciting and interactive short course aimed at ages 8- 16.

Junior Chef Cooking students will learn how to make their own fresh pasta, bake biscuits and ice them professionally from scratch. As well as prepare, cook and plate a main meal and dessert – all on their own! (With a little supervision from an adult)

Junior Chef Baking Students will learn the foundations of baking techniques, fancy decorating and dessert recipes.

Give your budding Chef the culinary confidence to learn new skills and experience the wonderful world of cooking and baking.

  • No need for Fancy Equipment or Expensive Ingredients
  • Learn about Health, Safety & Hygiene in the Kitchen
  • Receive Feedback from our Professional Chef Instructors
  • Access to a Library of interactive Recipes & Videos
  • Choose from Cooking or Baking or pick both!
  • Enter the Mystery Basket Challenge and win a prize

Our online platform is exciting, interactive and user friendly – We bring the classroom to your kitchen.

Who knows, your Junior Chef might want to enrol in the Home School programme or even take one of our Artisan or Short Courses when they are older.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to Contact Us our team is on hand to assist you with everything you may need.

International Culinary Studio – Where all of your Culinary Dreams begin!

This self-paced programme is designed to be completed in approximately 20 hours – Perfect for school holidays.

Cooking – $49

Baking – $49

Cooking & Baking – $80

Festive Season Culinary Programme – $20 Special

A maximum of 4 weeks is given for this programme.


  • Introduction to Food Safety and Hygiene
  • How to Dress Correctly for the Kitchen
  • Identification of Various Kitchen Equipment
  • Introduction to a Glossary of French Kitchen Terminology
  • Tour a Virtual Kitchen and learn all about the Equipment & Hygiene
  • Get Inside Tips from Top Chefs
  • Learn how to Plan a Production Work Flow (what to cook first and last)
  • How to Write a Shopping List for Your Recipe
  • How to Work out How Much your Recipe Costs
  • Learn How To Make these Dishes with Recipes:
    • FRESH Pasta and a Tomato Based Sauce
    • Parmesan Wafers and a Dip
    • Design and cook a Main Course and Dessert (using Mystery Basket Ingredients)
    • Bake and Decorate your own filled Cupcakes using Icing and Piping Techniques
    • Learn how to work with Chocolate and make Chocolate Moulds, which make great gifts for family and friends

Junior Chef Festive Culinary Programme

Learn how to make:

🎄 Vanilla Cupcakes decorated into Christmas Trees, Snowmen and Reindeer.

🦌  Spicy Biscuits decorated into : Stars, Snowmen and Reindeer.

  A Gingerbread House
🎄  Candy Cane Truffles
🎁  Strawberry Santa

➡️  Free e-book recipe download
➡️  Variations for Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free

Buy now for your budding Master Chef anywhere in the world. Perfect for 8-16 years of age $20


Doing The Course Online

When you enrol, you will receive your own login for access to the full course programme, along with step by step instructions to guide you along the way.

Your child will need access to a computer / laptop for instructions and will upload photographs or their completed dishes for the Chef Instructors to see.  They will need to research ideas for their Mystery Basket Ingredients to surprise our Chef Instructors with their creations.

The full course will be completed from your own home, via our Learner Management System.


On completion of the course, all Junior Chefs will receive a Certificate of Achievement from International Culinary Studio which can be downloaded, printed and displayed proudly!

It is essential that the instructions are read through in entirety before commencing on the programme. All of the information students require to commence to the next step are in the step by step instructions available.

 If you have any questions Contact Us and we will assist you in a flash!



You will receive a full ingredient list when you login to your programme.

Estimated cost per programme : $50


Once you login to your course, you will find a full list of equipment that you will need. There is no need to go out and buy fancy equipment!


You will need to provide all of your own ingredients and equipment for the course.


All Junior Chefs will be able to enter our Mystery Basket Competition at International Culinary Studio


All Junior Chefs will be able to enter our Mystery Basket Competition at International Culinary Studio

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