Industry Placements


Guaranteed Industry Placement

International Culinary Studio has a large network of industry professionals around the world and will endeavour to help find a placement for your industry work experience if you are unable to secure your own.

We highly recommend trying to arrange this first as you will be able to meet the prospective chef mentor yourself and judge whether you would enjoy working in that environment.

There is a worldwide shortage of chefs and thus most establishments will be eager to take on willing apprentices in their kitchens. Most establishments are very fast paced and it will be crucial for you to try to find a placement which will suit your personality and your ability to work under pressure.

Most chefs are very willing to give up their time to teach new incoming students but they will expect a high level of commitment from you as well. They will expect you to arrive on time, work until the job is done and be willing to try anything they ask of you.

This industry is known for being very hard on its apprentices as most vocational careers are but the rewards are also great. Being able to cater for a wedding for example is an amazing experience and one which the bride and groom will always treasure. Catering for the launch of a new vehicle, catering for a celebrities private function, these are all the events that remain in our minds as highlights of our career.

Then there are the travel opportunities that await. Our chef lecturers have all worked internationally and say that with a chef qualification so many doors have been opened for them and working in a foreign country is rated very high on their lists of best experiences ever!

A number of people change their career later in life and follow their dream of becoming a chef. This requires dedication and commitment due to the long hours expected when training and the low starting salaries, however with dedication and commitment they tend to progress up the kitchen brigade really quickly and are able to follow their dreams.

Please Note:

You must be able to work in the country you wish to complete your studies in, i.e. you must have the right to work and/or carry a valid work visa.