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Do you want to drive and build your kitchen workforces performance, empower them to accelerate transformational change in the kitchen, offer behaviour-based training, build capability of your kitchen team offering them access to a large range of current up to date, bite sized learning in culinary skills and techniques without the staff having to leave the workplace?

International Culinary Studio is globally recognised as a world leader and specialist in online, blended, culinary education. Now for the first time, International Culinary Studio is excited to offer your company and employees a fit for purpose learning solution. The opportunity to access all study material from our extensive library of learning, allowing you the ability to choose what, where and how you want them to learn.

In this current economic climate, equipping employees to upskill and get up to speed quickly, saving you time, without having to continually train and giving them access to professional skills and knowledge at their fingertips and onsite. This will support and boost the confidence and performance of your kitchen employees whilst supporting your Executive Chef and Human Resource and Talent Department supporting the team’s training and development.

The ability to continually recruit, train and upskill kitchen employees will reduce staff turnover, increase customer satisfaction, and ensure you retain valuable employees.

Learning with International Culinary Studio

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Exclusive membership to the following:

Reduce Training costs:

  • Your training budget can be cut drastically and there are no hidden costs with our affordable training system. Training is continually updated ensuring the team has access to current and relevant information and training.
  • Build Capability – no need for a new system:
  • Access to skills and knowledge content that you need and want, onsite while you upskill and develop your team. Most learning systems can be integrated with your current business so a mere API to your current business’s system will ensure access to all the learning content in a familiar system.

Attract, Recruit and Retain Trained Employees:

  • Offering onboarding and inducting new recruits through training as well as ongoing employee development and growth opportunities within the company will support your talent and growth of the team and ensure you are an Employer of Choice.
  • Talent Development and Recognition of the team:
  • Training can be customised to suit your establishment by planning and scheduling the playlists and rewarding employees that show an improvement through their learning. All training materials have been developed by hospitality industry subject matter experts.

Increased Customer Satisfaction:

  • A fully trained team has the ability to reduce wastage, keep the highest standards of hygiene and safety, understand the concept of sustainability and the ability to apply these in their workplace, thus improving the customer’s overall experience.



Branded Portal (White Label): $1200.00 (Once off for individual set up)

0 – 100 Students                      $ 9.98 per person (Monthly)              $89 Annual

101 – 500 Students                 $ 8.98 per person (Monthly)               $79 Annual

501 – 1000 Students                $ 7.98 per person (Monthly)               $70 Annual

1001 + Students                      $ 6.98 per person (Monthly)               $60 Annual


Teacher Access Free

Cancel Monthly on a monthly fee

Annual fee allows 1 name change for free – this will be done monthly in a group.


Cancel at any time: (No refunds)

Cancel Monthly on a monthly fee

Annual fee allows 1 name change for fee – this will be done monthly in a group.