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Individual Memberships


Individual  Membership:

International Culinary Studio is excited to offer you the opportunity to access all the study materials for use in bite sized pieces, allowing you the ability to choose what, where and how you want to learn.
International Culinary Studio is globally recognised as a world leader and specialist in online, blended, culinary education and has many graduates around the world, working in the culinary field, opening their own restaurants, and launching their own product ranges. Now for the first time, the course content is being made available to individuals wanting to learn more but not study a professional course or certification.

Learning with International Culinary Studio

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Exclusive membership to the following:

  • On demand learning to help me improve my skills, apply for a job, get promoted and gain confidence.
  • Study in my own time and my own pace!
  • Affordable Pricing.
  • First to hear about new product/course launches
  • Access to unlimited use of videos, blogs, course content, learning support materials, downloadable templates, past webinars


Monthly Subscription: US $9.98

Annual Subscription: US $ 89 (SAVE 25% on the annual monthly fee)

10 days free trial. Cancel at any time.