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Studying with ICS helps me to reach my dream

Planning is important

Handling a fulltime job and studies at the same time requires a good level of planning and prioritization. It means that you can put food on the table while at the same time gaining the skills to build a wonderful new future. Anyone can cook but to be a good cook, a passionate cook, and a confident cook it takes particular care and attention. Two years ago, I’ve started to work as a fulltime cook in a Chinese Restaurant and then I realized that being a cook is not enough for me, so I need to do something to gain skills and become a qualified chef.

Flexible study times

International Culinary Studio help me to pursue my dreams because I can study while I am working, and I don’t need to go to school and I have flexible time, so I balance my study and work. Taking online classes is more convenient, affordable, and effective. While I?m studying, I’ve learnt a lot of things that can change my daily basis and through the help of my mentor who always keep me motivated to do the best what I can do. Online courses are designed to be equally as rigorous and demanding as traditional courses, you need to stay motivated even on the bad days and keep reminding yourself of why you’re doing it. What I learnt is it may be tempting, it’s not smart or effective to leave coursework until deadlines arrive. It’s tremendously important to do some work each day so it won’t be struggled to finish the course. I’ve enjoyed all the dishes that I cooked through the entire course and learning a lot of skills.

Take it one step at a time

I am a few steps closer to finish my course, that keeps me motivated and dedicated to what I really want to do. For me being a Chef will not stop you to learn new things every day, even you are in school, work or home. Whatever you do, do with determination and be passionate to get the best result.


Marjorie Hosena (NSW)

Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking (Culinary Arts)