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Having spent last weekend at the Auckland Food Show New Zealand, I was surprised at the number of ?new? products on the market, which are very much aligned with the Paleo, Banting and Low Carb, High Fat eating trends we are seeing now. Everyone I have met recently is either trying one or a combination of this new ?diet? way of eating. I guess like all ?diets? it needs to become a lifestyle though for it to have any long-term benefits.

Much has been written about the benefits of the gluten-free, carbohydrate-free, sugar-free way of life. Hopefully, judging by the number of products on offer, a number of people are now following this lifestyle.

Seeing the range of products on offer, even though a large number of them have not yet been put on the shelves of the mainstream supermarkets, and are only available at specialty stores, I am convinced, we will see more and more of them making their way onto our regular supermarket shelves.

Some of the products are; An assortment of Gluten-Free Breads, Paleo Crackers, Flavoured Broccoli Chips, lots of different brands and origin Coconut Oils, Tomato Sauces, amazing selections of meats and sausages, a huge range of vegetable-based dips, Coconut Bacon, Kumara Chips, roasted Seaweed in Garlic and a Teriyaki flavour, large range of flavoured Kale Chips, Paleo Cereal ranges, natural raw cacao chocolates, coated nuts made using Coconut Milk, and nut butters to name but a few.

Another interest was the number of tea companies selling different teas with their own marketing angle.

What I really enjoyed was the Street Market concept, which allows the smaller business to showcase their products and the number of Micro Beer Brewers.

Well done Auckland, another food show to be proud of, I will definitely be back next year to see what the 2017 food fashion is all about!