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The latest trends in food fashion in retail has come a long way and has evolved with some cutting edge techno designs and layouts. ?As Chef?s, we love to shop for the essentials, as well as speciality ingredients, whether for home or for our restaurants. ?The shopping experience is even greater ? One Stop Shopping!

Us Chef?s can certainly attest to the great choice and variety that is now available at our fingertips. ?Yes, really, one can now touch, taste and feel what we put into our baskets.

Visiting a well-known retail outlet in Sydney recently, I experienced it first-hand. ?The choices are endless nowadays, with the finest and freshest choice of ingredients, a selection of sustainable seafood that is freshly caught and brought in from the Atlantic across to the Pacific Oceans. ?The in-house deli had an amazing European Charcuterie selection, which included an array of German speciality sausage and cured hams. ?I was surprised to even see some South African delicacies such as Biltong and Dry Wors.

The butcher himself, proudly ready to carve, slice or dice from his presentable selection on show, ranging from free range, grain feed beef cuts to venison and many other types which were tastefully displayed. ?As a Chef, it was a treat to speak to him, as he could answer all my questions.

There are counter sections that display cheese from across the globe, famous plate sized, freshly baked meat pies, handcrafted in-house gourmet filled rolls, with every conceivable ingredient that one can think of! ?The sweet sections had displays of in-house Turkish delight rolls, quite unique, as I?ve never seen them made like this before, and a full range of exquisite chocolates made by the chocolatier who was also present. ?There was an arrangement of fine pastries and even dipped fruit.

When one has more time, and is not rushing around, there are action counters where you could sit, relax, and enjoy the actions from behind the counters of the Chef?s, watching them whip up their signature dishes from either the Asian Bar, Cheese &?Antipasto Bar, or some fresh Oysters prepared and presented?in different ways, whilst sipping on a cold glass of bubbles.

I had the privilege of meeting Chef Andreas, who displayed?a great plate, put together from a choice of freshly, well-presented Antipasto selection.

It?s great to see this new way of one-stop shopping, to experience the diverse Culinary cultures and the presentation of products from in-house manufacturing. ?Retail is increasingly becoming more about lifestyle experiences, rather than about transactional purchases.

With stores like this, continuing to revolutionise by adding the ?shopping-come-dining? experience, it will only make way for exciting career opportunities for Chefs across the globe.