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Digital Badge

International Culinary Studio is able to offer digital badges to international students studying offshore, including those taking their Diploma in Professional Cookery (Commis Chef digital badge) and those taking the school’s Global Advanced Diploma in Professional Cookery (for a Chef de Partie digital badge). Certification is achieved through the issuing of digital badges, which provide a secure way to showcase achievements online, using social media. They can be used by employers to reward hard-working staff, retain talent, and even recruit better – as they are given an instant online view of the skills and experience of people applying for jobs. From the individual’s perspective, they can make their skills visible and accessible, opening up new opportunities for work and personal growth.

The digital badges from International Culinary Studio are stamped with the International Culinary Studio logo, along with the City & Guilds and Worldchefs logos. Each one states what the individual has achieved

ICS_branded badges_certified commis chef