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For Educators

Why Educators Use Us?

Are you looking to support your teachers with their Cooking Training for students? All educational institutions can now provide the support to their students by giving them access to comprehensive library of digital learning materials. These can be linked to your current student learning system via an API or use International Culinary Studio’s learning platform.

Our materials consist of theory notes, videos, templates for ease of use as well as some suggested study programmes. We provide more than an online offering, we provide guides and learning support materials too.

Students never miss a class as they can access the learning materials from anywhere and at any time – even on the move. Students currently enjoy our digital learning materials across many countries and across a range of ages. Teachers benefit by having the confidence in the learning materials even if they have no prior culinary experience as all materials have been developed by industry experts, thus making their job easier.

There are a range of study tools and skill building resources, even supporting employability skills for the older students – with templates on How to Write A CV and Advise on How to land your dream job.

All the teaching materials are designed to complement your classroom studies and provide your students with an extensive range of support materials. Keeping your students engaged and providing them an innovative option, giving them access to a huge range of learning materials designed to extend them more than a limited time in the classroom can. Be able to assign homework tasks, can see what the students have studied and completed and print their course transcripts.

This teaching solution is used by educators around the world to enhance their culinary or cookery students experience to foster academic excellence and professional development. The learning increases student engagement improves learning outcomes and delivers authoritative information to students. Students can access the course materials, whenever and wherever they need it.

  • Extensive List of Bite Sized course materials
  • Fantastic Library of Videos
  • Great student activities
  • Students can be supported, and teaching facilitated remotely
  • Easy to use Search Function
  • Can be uploaded to existing learning platform via API
  • A large range of templates which can be accessed
  • Ability for Educators to manage student’s access
  • Can brand their own site


Each Education Partner will have access to the following:

  • The option to white label the content with your own school or colleges branding
  • The ability to integrate the content with your own LMS via an API (most LMS’s support this function)
  • Learning materials to support a range of learning from Novice Years 1- 4, Apprentice Years 5 – 6, Advanced Years 7 – 10 , Master (Years 11 – 13)
  • A range of learning materials; Videos, Documents, Downloadable templates, support materials, glossary of kitchen terms, and blogs developed by industry experts.
  • The ability to create customised training playlists.
  • Suggested Training Plans for each Category of students
  • Manage the learning through reporting
  • Student training transcripts for completed learning
  • The ability for students to progress onto short courses and/or accredited professional certification (Years 12 and 13)

Learning with International Culinary Studio

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Branded Portal (White Label): $1200.00 (Once off for individual set up)

0 – 100 Students                      $ 9.98 per person (Monthly)              $89 Annual

101 – 500 Students                 $ 8.98 per person (Monthly)               $79 Annual

501 – 1000 Students                $ 7.98 per person (Monthly)               $70 Annual

1001 + Students                      $ 6.98 per person (Monthly)               $60 Annual


Teacher Access Free

Cancel Monthly on a monthly fee

Annual fee allows 1 name change for free – this will be done monthly in a group.


Cancel at any time: (No refunds)

Cancel Monthly on a monthly fee

Annual fee allows 1 name change for fee – this will be done monthly in a group.