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There are two types of withdrawals:

  1. A Student initiated withdrawal: A student who applies for a withdrawal.
  2. An International Culinary Studio initiated withdrawal: Initiated by International Culinary Studio when a student has become inactive in their study programme or has not submitted the necessary assessments and failed to respond to the Chef Instructor’s telephone calls.

Before any student makes the decision to withdraw from a programme of study, it is very important that they contact our Student Administrator, to discuss the challenges and/or issues they are facing and to talk through their study options that are available to them.

IMPORTANT: Once a student has withdrawn from a programme of study they will not be accepted back into the course at a later date unless there are extenuating circumstances for their withdrawal. These extenuating circumstances are for example are personal illness, or a bereavement in their immediate family.

To find out more about the withdrawal procedure, refunds or appeals please click here.