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It’s a wrap! We are on the final stretch of 2020 and while arranging your festivities, remember to take stock of your year. At International Culinary Studio we have done just this – we are proud to say it has been a busy year, filled with many team achievements. We are looking forward to 2021 and what it will bring!

December Xmas Dates


Like the rest of New Zealand and the world, we are looking forward to a good holiday and some relaxing time with our families!

Please be aware that our offices will be closed from the 24th December until the 5th of January. Our Executive Chef, Chef Andy, will be available to our current students from the 5th January through our learner management system, with most of the staff returning on the 11th January.

Our Chef Instructor, Chef Helen, will also be having a well-deserved break. She will be on holiday from the 18th December until the 11th January. During this time, Chef Andy will be able to assist students with their course.

Rest assured, we will be recharged and ready to go in 2021!


Mayonnaise Facts


Here are a few interesting facts about this versatile condiment!

  • Mayonnaise is a natural lice killer. It is free of harmful chemicals and hence, it is not going to affect your hair .
  • Mayonnaise can help to remove gum from floors, walls and furniture with ease. Simply dabbing some mayonnaise on the gum will neatly bring it out without leaving any mark or residue.
  • Use mayonnaise to remove crayon from walls. Simply dab some mayonnaise on the art and rub. It will neatly clean up the walls without affecting your wall colours.
  • Plant leaves and piano keys can be easily cleaned using mayonnaise. It actually gives a professional looking clean.
  • Mayonnaise can be a handy home remedy for sunburns. Appling mayo to the affected areas will help to ease pain quickly and reduce the burning sensation.
  • Mayonnaise can help you fight hangnails. Dip your nails in a bowl full of mayonnaise and wait for 5 minutes. Wash your fingers using lukewarm water.

Get Started in 2021!

If you are doing some forward planning over the holidays and are keen to have a culinary qualification in 2021, here are some important dates to work with.

We have intakes beginning on the following dates for the New Zealand Certificate in Cookery Level 4 and Level 5, Global Certificate and Diploma courses and our ICS Certificate and Diploma Courses.

25th January 2021 Intake  – Full and Closed

22nd February 2021  – Intake starts 22nd February,  ends 8th November 2021

29th March 2021 – Intake starts 29th March, ends 13th December 2021

Peach Melba Punch

Peach Melba Punch

For a festive drink everyone can enjoy, try this fruity no-alcohol punch.


  • 4 yellow peaches
  • 1 cup pineapple juice
  • 250g raspberries
  • 4 cups ice cubes
  • 25 litres lemonade, chilled
  • Fresh mint sprigs, to serve


Roughly chop 3 peaches. Place chopped peach and pineapple juice in a food processor. Process until smooth. Transfer to a sieve set over a bowl. Using the back of a spoon, press peach mixture through sieve. Discard solids.

Place 1/2 the raspberries in a bowl. Lightly crush with a fork. Thinly slice remaining peach.

Place ice cubes in a 2-litre-capacity jug. Add peach slices and purée, and crushed and whole raspberries. Pour over lemonade. Using a large spoon, stir to combine. Top with mint. Serve.

Laura Due has recently completed her City & Guilds Diploma in Patisserie, one of the last students to be able to get this qualification in New Zealand or Australia.



From the International Culinary Studio team and partners, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe, happy and prosperous New Year!


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