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This Code of Ethics seeks to outline an ethical guideline applicable to International Culinary Studio staff and students, and sets out the values, principles, norms and standards that International Culinary Studio promotes for guiding and conducting the internal and external activities of its staff and students.


This Code of Ethics shall be made available to all staff and students and will become applicable to students upon their registration and enrolment and to staff upon commencement of their employment with International Culinary Studio.

Staff and students should read this Code of Ethics carefully and understand its contents and requirements as they are expected to apply them in their relevant day-to-day activities.

In application of this Code of Ethics it is specifically recorded that personal characteristics of honesty, sincerity, impartiality and trustworthiness of staff and students are key guiding attributes and of utmost importance to the effectiveness of this Code of Ethics.



Staff of International Culinary Studio shall, at all times, act with honesty, sincerity and integrity in the course and scope of their duties and shall behave with integrity, honesty and fairness in all business, academic, professional and personal relationships.

Staff shall not knowingly or recklessly supply any information, which is considered private and confidential, in terms of the Privacy Policy, or make any statement, which is knowingly misleading, false or deceptive to any person whatsoever.

Staff shall act in accordance with this Code of Ethics as well as the terms and conditions of their employment and shall not be complicit in any illegal act.

Conflicts of Interest

Staff shall be and appear to be free of any interest, which may be regarded as being in conflict with their integrity, fairness and impartiality.

Staff shall endeavor, at all times, to act in the best interests of International Culinary Studio and its students and shall not, at any time, willfully or otherwise, bring the name of International Culinary Studio into disrepute.

All members of staff shall, to the best of their ability, adhere to the principles of independence, accountability and transparency in all of their dealing with International Culinary Studio and its students.


Staff shall be and appear to be fair, act in good faith and not allow bias or prejudice to override their objectivity in academic, research, administrative, business or management matters.


Staff shall protect the confidentiality of any information acquired by them in the course of scope of their work and no member of staff shall knowingly or willfully disclose any confidential information to any third party, unless in accordance with the terms and conditions as set out in the Privacy Policy.

Academic Standards

Staff shall carry out their job responsibilities in accordance with their relevant employment contracts and in accordance with the technical and professional standards relevant to that work.

Staff shall endeavor to provide information and study material to students that, to the best of their knowledge and belief, is both correct and accurate.



Students are not permitted to represent any information, including but not limited to ideas, words, expressions or data in writing or presentation, which are not their own, without properly identifying and acknowledging the source from which such information stems.

Academic Work and Examinations

Students may not submit work through use of another student’s account and any assignments, work or projects submitted while using another student’s account would be considered plagiarism.

Students may not perform work or take an examination for another student and students may not have another person perform work or take an examination in their stead.

Students may not cheat in any manner whatsoever which includes intentionally using or attempting to use unauthorised material, assistance or study aids in any academic work or intentionally copying another student’s work and submitting such work as their own.

Students may not falsify or misrepresent any data by submitting false data or sources.

Internet Use

Students may not willfully damage any computer programmes linked to the website, hack or construct viruses or introduce viruses onto the website in any manner whatsoever. Students may not inappropriately use e-mails, the website or website contents.


International Culinary Studio reserves the right to update or modify this Code of Ethics or any part thereof, at any time, without prior notice or consent being required.


The elements of this Code of Ethics are to be implemented with a view to satisfying minimum legal requirements as well as establishing a uniform standard of ethical conduct. Staff and students should be aware that a breach of any of the elements of this Code of Ethics might result in sanctions including disciplinary action, performance review or the institution of legal proceedings of a criminal or civil nature.? The imposition of any such sanction is dependent on the nature and degree of the breach.

In any member of staff or a student is aware of any breached of this Code of Ethics, including fraud and corrupt conduct, they are to immediately inform International Culinary Studio of such breach at [email protected]