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Student Blog- Sebastian Week 3: Cleaning and getting to the Steel

As already announced in the last report, knives will be sharpened and vegetables cleaned, peeled, cut, diced or chopped this week. The ingredients of the flavorful soup, which is more reminiscent of a stew, are classically determined by the seasons in Italy.

Before we cook, of course, we shop. Anyone who buys must calculate in order to be able to work economically successfully and profitably.

Calculation of food: washing, cleaning and loss of cooking
Washing is washing as everyone knows it, freeing from impurities: soil, sand and vermin. Cleaning is about freeing food from stems, tendons, bones, shell, etc. If you buy a whole fish, you have to think carefully about whether it is cheaper to buy the fillet yourself or to have it triggered by the supplier and pay the additional price incurred for it. With certain ingredients, there is also a loss of cooking. Conclusion: Not only the purchase price is the basis used for the calculation. This often leads to confusion, because it depends on which product is used and how.

HACCP – Lessons from the Space Program
This is a program developed for NASA in 1959 for the production of astronaut food, the abbreviation stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points – i.e. a hazard analysis with corresponding countermeasures. It is about analyzing the entire manufacturing process, documenting it and carrying out controls at critical points.  Anyone who processes and circulates food should be able to demonstrate a corresponding concept. The exercise is correspondingly extensive, as a HACCP plan for a kitchen is to be created.

A varied and above all extensive week.

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