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Useful Tips from Chef Andy

Keep your Kitchen and Pantry Shipshape with Some Useful Tips from Chef Andy Cordier

*Tips to do the following: Time to check your fridges/ chillers; date mark your fresh meats and produce where possible and check expiration dates on all bottled sauces, preserves etc. Use leftovers within 48 hours and remember, first in first out. Keep this in mind, when in doubt, throw out!

*Label and date your food.?Use the oldest options in your freezer first, as the longer food has been frozen, the higher the chance of freezer burn.

*Line serving vessels like a tray or cake stand with a cloth napkin to keep the surface free from dust.

*Don?t fall victim to marketing claims stamped on the front of a package. Buzzwords such as ?Healthy? or ?All-Natural? may sound good, but to understand what you?re eating, scan nutritional labels, including the ingredients, to determine what you?re buying. Health-minded shoppers should take note of the saturated fat, sodium and sugar content for each serving.

*Check the date on the package.

If the sell-by date is quickly approaching, be prepared to freeze the meat or eat it right away. And check the packages of meat that are stacked underneath and out of reach ? most supermarkets stack items with earlier sell-by dates on top and toward the front, where they’re more likely to be picked up first.