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Taking an opportunity to reach my community, whilst studying with ICS

Giving back while studying

Studying online via International Culinary Studio, (City & Guilds) is very accommodating because I don’t need to travel far to go to school. I can study at home or wherever I am on that time. My husband and I already travel a lot each week servicing Filipinos who live around my area (Sunshine Coast and Hervey Bay). Ex pat Filipinos send necessities to their loved one’s back home who are less fortunate than ourselves. We love to think by doing this, that we can bring happiness, a big smile to the recipients, especially the young kids who feel special when they receive a box full of love from their extended family here in Australia.

Good food is what connects us

It’s part of Filipino culture to share yummy food together. Some of the Filipino women are very good cooks and we love to talk about food and cooking. Studying with International Culinary Studio, (City & Guilds) has help boost my enthusiasm when sharing recipes and I would love to continue doing good things in a different way by working in an aged care/nursing home facility. I can see and feel the loneliness and sadness of the people live in that care facilities. So, I would love to prepare, cook comfort/nutritious food for the very senior people in our community. One of my good friends, who is chief cook at a nursing home has the knack of putting love as a secret ingredient into all the dishes. The residents say they can sense the difference when Luz is on leave.

My qualification helps me to travel

My vision is to improve my kitchen skills and technical know-how so I can give the same happiness via quality fare. Knowing someone still cares for them will bring a smile back to their faces. As there is a huge shortage of aged care places in Australia because of the Baby Boomer generation there are good prospects for obtaining work in this industry. This keeps me motivated and inspired as my International Culinary Studio, (City & Guilds) qualification will help me get work whilst traveling around Australia and perhaps other countries too.

Marilou Falk

Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking (Culinary Arts)