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5 Reasons Why You Should Study Online

In our world today, everything is moving online, from banking to television and even friendships! Rapidly joining the online community is education.

The internet is a place where anything is now possible, including receiving a formal qualification. Today some of the best universities and colleges take advantage of the ability to teach students online.

It doesn’t matter what profession you may be in, but it’s important to get out of a career rut or stop doing the job merry go round, where you hop from job to job.

Online studies are perfect for so many types of students and include those who:
– are just starting their careers and want to add skills and qualifications to their CV
– want to increase their skill set mid-career
– need a career change to another field of work

Below are the reasons why studying online is the best option for the career of today:

1: Flexibility

The biggest complaint in my 15 years as a professional career advisor, has been an issue of time. Everyone wants to study further and even if you have the money, when can you find the time to attend classes in the evening or on the weekend.

If you study online, the class comes to you. You don’t need to worry about traffic getting to class, who is going to babysit your sick child or what time your shift ends. Adjust this to the world of being a chef and it includes late night shifts; then studying becomes something you can only do before you start a career, rather than during it.

Thanks to technology, you can now study a full qualification or short course from the comfort of your home. Study on your phone, tablet or computer.

2: Price

No one will argue with the fact that if you are more qualified, you are more likely to earn more and be considered for a promotion.

However, with the cost of education continuously increasing and if you add in inflation, then you have to be very careful about how to earn that certificate.

Online programmes fees are lower than traditional face-to-face classroom learning.

Another aspect to consider is commuting costs and course material required for the programme. With online learning, the study material is packaged as part of the online platform.

Studying with International Culinary Studio allows you to study at affordable monthly or weekly payment terms.

3: Choice of Programmes

You can receive the same quality education studying online, compared to someone who attended a college. Today online studies can be done from the comfort of your kitchen or home.

Now online colleges can provide fully accredited qualifications online. Some of these are even recognized internationally, meaning you could work anywhere in the world. You could also then continue your studies with the same college but in a completely different country.

With Accredited Qualifications in Cooking, Professional Qualifications in Culinary Arts and Professional Short Courses, International Culinary Studio has the right certification programme you are looking for.

4: Student Support

With the advancement of online learning portals, you can now join a community while studying. Most online programmes have live video conferences, where you can chat with your online tutor or classmates.

Some online learner portals even allow students to like and review their peer’s assignment submissions. International Culinary Studio has a world-class Learner Management System (LMS) which incorporates both the ability to do peer reviews and like a peers submission.

5: Career Progression

If you are already working, then studying online is probably the best way to advance your career. You can continuously add skills or qualifications to your CV, all while practically applying what you are learning online to your day job.

Just being in the process of studying further shows your employer that you are ambitious and hard working. You will be first in line for promotions, salary increases and more.

Why not surprise your Executive Chef with the latest cooking techniques, by studying a full qualification or short course with International Culinary Studio.

Ryan Jacobs is a freelance blogger, while running his online college. He has been a professional Student Advisor for 3 of the biggest universities and colleges (in South Africa) over the last 15 years and has the honour of taking 14 and a half years to complete his degree with the University of South Africa (UNISA)